Islands on Land: Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is known as Ha Long Bay on land. It is commonly overlooked and visited less than many other areas in Vietnam. Do not skip visiting this hidden gem!

This was by far one of my favorite cities to visit because of the massive limestone formations that surround the city. You only need to visit this area for 1-2 days, but it is totally worth the visit. I visited this city when it was cold, rainy and miserable outside and I absolutely adored this place. I can’t even imagine how beautiful it is when the sun it out:)

To get the best experience in this city, stay at the remote Ninh Binh Valley Homestay where you sleep in the cutest bungalows surrounded by nature.IMG_8975IMG_9001.JPGIMG_8993IMG_8969The best way to explore the area is getting lost and driving by rice fields and limestone formations on a scooter. IMG_8916IMG_8924.JPGIMG_8939IMG_8929IMG_8933.JPGIMG_8936.JPGIMG_8939.JPGHike up the hundreds of stairs of Mua Caves to get a great overlook of the “islands on land”.IMG_9139.JPGIMG_9378.jpgIMG_9412.jpgIMG_9164.JPGIMG_9427.jpgIMG_9417.jpgIMG_9434.jpgIMG_9441.jpgIMG_9449.jpgIMG_9572.JPGIMG_9424.jpgIMG_9452.jpgIMG_9469.jpgIMG_9214.JPGIMG_9238.JPGIMG_9257.JPGIMG_9279.JPGExplore caves on a bamboo raft at Trang An. Though the caves are crowded, we were the only foreigners, everyone else were local Vietnamese!IMG_8935IMG_9021IMG_9036.JPGIMG_9023.JPGIMG_9038.JPGIMG_9065.JPGIMG_9103.JPGIMG_9084.JPGIMG_9075.JPG

Ninh binh is small and beautiful. If you want to get away from tourists and explore a local area, this is a must-visit place!